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Since the discovery of the old 'Keep calm and carry on' war time poster the Keep Calm craze has been unstopable. Here we help you create your own funny parodies and spoofs with the help of pre-designed templates that you can easily modify yourself online. The templates we have made are for all kinds of products like posters, t-shirts, mugs and much more. Let your creativity run wild or get inspired by countless examples. Don't forget to check out the coupon code page with discounts. Keepcalm gifts make great presents for Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Weddings, St Patricks Day and other special occassions. Use the keep calm generator to make your own parody or spoof quote.


Keep Calm and your text Keep calm and party on Keep calm and eat cupcakes Keep calm and hug a tree


Keep calm and love mom Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Mother's Day is coming up May 12th and we have got some great gift ideas for moms. Show your love and appreciation with a personal quote in the traditional Keep calm and carry on layout. To make it easy we have done the hard work for you and created templates where you just need to change the text on products. Create your own unique Keep Calm Mother's Day gift in minutes. Choose from a big collection of products like posters, aprons, mugs, t-shirts, keychains and much more. All of the gifts can be customized including colors and style. This way your gift will be truly unique and mom will be very happy. Here are some popular examples you can buy without chaning anything at all: Keep calm and love mom. Keep calm and respect mom. Keep calm and thank mom. It can't be easier then that but remember it's the thought that counts.

Keep calm and party on
Making your own Keep Calm poster is easy. If you like partying then the 'Keep calm and party on' poster is one for you. This example can be personalized with your own colors and image.  This popular phrase has been used many times already so maybe you want to change it. That too is no problem. Create your own poster or t-shirt with your cool text. Besides posters and t-shirts you can also create other items like mugs or postcards.

Keep calm and dance on
Like dancing? Then you love this example of a Keep calm poster saying Keep calm and dance on. Create a poster for your room or make a cool t-shirt you can wear to the clubs. This is just an example. To create your own keep calm stuff start at

Keep calm and eat a cupcake
If you like eating and making cupcakes this keep calm poster is definitely  for you. It has a pink background to match the icing which is often a pink color. Of course if you are a chocolate lover you can easily change the text and the background color to brown. It's all up to you to create your own keep calm poster, tshirt or mug.

Keep calm and eat chocolate
Funny example of a customized keep calm poster for chocolate lovers. You can do the same for your favorite food or thing. Background colors, fonts and layout can be changed any way you like. Here are some more ideas: Keep calm and eat brownies. Keep calm and eat icecream. Keep calm and eat a banana. Keep calm and eat bacon. Keep calm and eat a bon bon. Keep calm and eat a pizza.

Keep calm and play golf
Keep calm and play golf. If you like playing golf this t-shirt quote is for you. Hang a poster up in your room or give it away as a gift for golf enthusiasts. Another idea is to hang a poster up in your club house. If golf is not your sport you can easily create one for other sports. Her are some more custom examples. Keep calm and play tennis. Keep calm and play football. Keep calm and play soccer. Keep can and bowl on. Keep calm and play snooker. Keep calm and play darts. Keep calm and race on. Keep calm and play badminton. Just change the words on the template and your personalized  t-shirt, poster or mug is ready instantly. No worries, colors can changed too.

Keep calm and buy shoes
Another funny keep calm example that you can create yourself. Keep calm and buy shoes. The perfect slogan for shopaholics. Is shoes aren't your thing make one for purses, make-up, dresses or whatever else you like to buy. It doesn't only have to be just a poster because you can also create t-shirts, mugs and more with the same design. Making it easy and simple with the help of generator templates.

Keep calm and dream on
Keep calm and dream on. Another funny poster quote that you can customize with your own colors and style. Create posters, t-shirts, mugs and more with it. If you have a good idea for your own slogan by all means go ahead and feel free to make it with the help of templates. The best ideas will get posted on this blog for imspiration to others.

Keep calm mugs for work and home with your funny text
Create your own #KeepCalm mugs online with the help of templates. Make one for a special occasion or give a mug away as a funny gift. Simply insert your text and customize colors. Fonts and images can also be personalized. Some examples are: Keep calm and drink tea or Keep calm and drink coffee. Not only can you make and buy coffee mugs, you can also create custom beer mugs. Keep calm and drink on is a very popular slogan for these type of mugs. Your quote can also be printed on other gift objects like t-shirts, posters, phone cases and much more.
Do you know somebody who is a coffee addict? Surpise them with a funny keep calm coffee mug. Create your own humorous quote or choose one from the ones that have been created already. For example: Keep awake and drink coffee.

KeepCalm Christmas gift ideas
It's that time of the year again. Christmas holidays are around the corner but what gifts to buy for friends and family. Keep calm and don't panic because you will make everybody happy with a custom KeepCalm present. The KeepCalm trend is very popular and now know all over the world. It originated in Britain where it was a vintage war time slogan to motivate the people. Now it's theme with unlimited parodies found on all sorts of products. Create your own funny parody tailored for that special person you want to surprise. Delve into hobbies and favorite activities of people to make the perfect Christmas gift for them. Create a slogan and choose a product to print it on.  To make it easy you just have to edit a template with your words. Nothing could be easier to make a custom and trendy gift. Surprise dad, mom, uncle, aunt, grandpa, brother, sister and others with a funny KeepCalm xmas gift. Get inspiration and start designing your Holiday gifts.

Free Keep Calm generator for Merry Xmas gifts and greetings
Still looking for last minute Christmas gift? Keep Calm generator offers an easy way to create your own unique presents and cards for friends and family. Design a funny parody based on the famous Keep Calm and carry on slogan. Your quote can then be printed on all sorts of cool products like t-shirts, keychains, scarves, notebook sleeves, iPhone cases, posters, aprons, mugs and more. By adding your text, these items become a truly original Xmas gift. Personalizing is easy with the help of our templates. Keep in mind shipping time though. Start designing now so your gifts arrive on time for the Holidays. You can even make your own personalized KeepCalm wrapping paper to make it complete. Apart from the Christmas gifts for others you may also like KeepCalm decorations for yourself. Decorate your home with custom throw pillows or a self made lamp. For your Xmas tree you can make DIY photo ornaments that are also fun to give away. Keep Calm Generator is Santa Claus little helper.  What to think about Merry Christmas greeting cards, postcards and postage stamps. These too can be made unique with the help of our Keep Calm template designs. Create your own fun spoof for the season to make people laugh from joy. We wish you good luck and Happy Holidays!

Keep calm generator for posters and t shirts
Looking for a quick and easy way to create funny Keep calm posters? You have come to the right place. gives access to a large amount of customizable templates. The classic layout of the original Keep calm and carry on poster has already been designed so that all you have to do is to come up with a funny text. You can change the background and text colors as well as the font type and logo. This way you can generate a truly unique poster. Posters are great but you can also make cute t-shirts, mugs and other gifts with your slogan. Just select a product template, fill in your custom text and personalize it in your style. It's simple and easy to do.

Other famous keep calm generator parodies
Create postcards / flyers / stationery / canvas / shirts / beer mugs / pillows / bags / keychains / phone covers and more stuff. Keep calm and party on, Keep calm and dance on. Keep calm and eat cupcakes. Keep calm and love me. Keep calm and drink coffee. Keepcalm and drink tea. Keep calm and ride on. Keep calm and play soccer. Keep calm and play baseball. Keep calm and buy shoes. Keep calm and drink beer. Keep calm and carry on. Keep calm and google it. Keep calm and eat cookies. Keep calm and stay awesome. keep calm and call batman, Keep calm and kiss me. Keep calm and call dad. Keep calm and call mom. Keep calm and quit your job. Keep calm and go shopping. Keep calm and eat chocolate. Keep calm and love life. Keep calm and rock on. Keep calm and drink wine. Keep calm and stay classy. Keep calm and play tennis. Keep calm and play football. Keep calm and play golf. Keep calm and read books. Keep calm and play basketball. And more...Now make your own!